Kingsport Times-News: Chad Mosely, 24-year CHPD veteran, named new chief

Chad Mosely, 24-year CHPD veteran, named new chief

Jeff Bobo • Sep 19, 2018 at 5:30 PM

CHURCH HILL — There may be a new man in charge, but recently appointed Church Hill Police Chief Chad Mosely said Wednesday he’s expecting a seamless “business as usual” transition into his new role.

On Tuesday evening, the Board of Mayor and Aldermen voted 7-0 to affirm Mayor Dennis Deal’s appointment of Mosely to replace Mark Johnson, who has been a member of the Church Hill Police Department since 1983 and chief since 1995.

Mosely has spent his entire 24-year career in law enforcement at the CHPD, and for the past 18 years he has been a sergeant.

“From working shift work to taking over on day shift, it’s a drastic change, but it’s something I look forward to,” Mosely told the Times News Wednesday. “I hope business continues as usual. I’ve learned so much by working under Mark. For my whole career, I’ve worked with him and under him, and I’ve enjoyed it.”

Johnson officially resigns as of 5 p.m. Thursday. The public is invited to attend a reception in his honor from 2-4 p.m. at the Church Hill Senior Center.

Deal told the BMA Tuesday he interviewed for Johnson’s replacement within the department based on seniority, starting with Assistant Chief Roddy Miller, who declined the position, stating, “He liked what he was doing.”

“Then we interviewed Chad Mosely to be our next chief,” Deal told the BMA. “We told him we would give him a $2 (per hour) increase, and he would stay on the hourly rate. Then I will review him in six months, and if everything is going good he would get another $1 (per hour) increase.”

Deal added, “I feel like Chad is very capable of doing the job. I have a lot of trust in him, and I think he will make us a good chief.”

James Grigsby noted, “I want to thank Mark for the wonderful job he’s done, and also I know Chad will do good. ... I just pray he can hire somebody who will do as good a job as Chad done.”

Deal asked the BMA to give him the authority to fill the vacancy created by Mosely’s promotion sometime over the next month.

“We are going to be one police officer short, when this is all said and done,” Deal said. “We need to look at hiring somebody. We’ve got a couple of people (under consideration). I would hope the board would give us some latitude to do that, and the board could vote on it at the next meeting.”

Deal added, “Chad and I discussed it and he has a recommendation, but I really don’t know how that’s going to go yet. We’ve got to go back and review records. We’re not going to bring someone in making more than our current employees. That’s not right.”

New city recorder approved

Alderman Tom Kern, who chairs the Personnel Committee, said he received seven applications for the vacant city recorder position, he interviewed three, and no one who was qualified sent in a resume.

After interviewing the three finalists, the committee contacted Joshua Russell and offered him the job as of Oct. 1 at a salary of $45,000 per year, increasing to $50,000 after completion of the Certified Municipal Finance Officer and City Recorder certification classes, which must be accomplished within one year.

Kern told the BMA, “He is good with computers, and as you know the mayor talked to someone about doing some work, and had held off, so we feel he will also have duties to do that. He’s a young man, married, and lives here in the city.”

Russell was approved 6-0 with Alderman Billy Kyle Housewright abstaining.

A “good” swimming pool deficit

Deal reported to the BMA Tuesday that the municipal swimming pool operated at a $6,700 deficit this past summer, which the mayor said is actually pretty good.

The swimming pool has always operated at a deficit as a service to the community.

“Anywhere from $30,000 to $40,000 per year (in the past),” Deal noted. “That’s a big difference.”

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