High explosives do not constitute a Syria policy

Trump US Syria-3

“Trump's standard — that a dictator can indiscriminately kill his people as long as he...

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Weber County GOP convention was a veritable fiasco

SW 041418 GOP Weber County Convention 01

The Weber County Republican Party made an amateur hour out of its own convention on Saturday by changing bylaws last-minute. The rule changes jilted some, seemingly for arbitrary reasons.

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Immigrants should feel protected by local police, not threatened

Immigration Enforcement

Columnist Esther Cepeda writes that such tactics result in less-safe neighborhoods and many local law enforcement agencies across the country have rejected these programs for decades.

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Tough guy Trump withers when it comes to Putin, sanctions against Russia

UN Security Council Syria-1

When it comes to the Russian leader, Trump doesn't come across as fierce or demanding. He comes across as scared.


Brian Wood, you'll always have people cheering you on

Brian Wood

This is a note to Brian Wood, who writes the Beyond Bars column for the Standard-Examiner. It is a little late, but in your article about not getting your salesman's license, your wrote about being transferred to the service department (”My views on earning, spending money have changed since...

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No one likes a prig — especially one with ax to grind, like James Comey

Trump-Comey Book

“Nothing is better than being the most righteous guy in the room — while still getting a huge payday,” writes Rich Lowry.


Guns have a way of getting into the wrong hands and destroying lives

RL 080516 Emilie Parker Mural Presentation 1

Regarding the April 12 letter “Guns don’t kill people. Evil people kill people,” it’s true that a gun doesn’t go off by itself. What’s important to remember, however, is that guns always have a way of getting into the wrong hands and destroying lives. The...

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Cohen probe should worry Trump

Trump Russia Probe

“The upshot is that if it's accurate, as it has been reported, that Trump is more worried about the Cohen investigation than the Mueller one, he's not wrong,” writes Noah Feldman.

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CCS built a bigger warehouse for its food bank. Now we need to fill it

BS 030717 Food Pantry 04

CCS now has plenty of space for your donations — and thousands of clients who wouldn’t would go hungry without your help.


What happened to Trump's campaign promise of America first?

Trump US Syria-11

Last week President Trump order a missile strike against Syria because Bashar Assad used chemical weapons on his own people. Trump called it a humanitarian mission. That’s all well and good, but at the same time he is in favor of cutting funding for Meals on Wheels, which feeds senior...

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Seeing mortality through your parents' eyes

Aging parents

“Through the course of her years, Mom has evolved from being the protector to one needing protection. Along with a deep sense of responsibility, I feel an equally deep sense of gratitude,” writes D. Louise Brown.

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