We need to take a more stable view of the president's health

Trump Physical

“All nonsense aside, it’s a challenge to comprehend why those who didn’t vote for...


City, county and state need to fix Riverdale landslide — now

BZ 121917 Landslide 02-1

The landslide demolishing homes and hearts on the bluffs of Riverdale is a tragedy for the entire community. The families displaced by the disaster need help. Nearby families also need assistance, assistance that needs to come from the city, the county and the state, assistance now, not more...

Guest Commentary

GOP official's Facebook post is a threat to voting rights

Davis County GOP

Three members of Mormon Women for Ethical Government take a Republican Party official to task for his Facebook post about voting rights.

National Commentary

Trump is a crude and thoughtless president, not a dictator

Senate Flake Trump

“At its worst, the Trump White House isn't sinister; it's farcical,” writes Rich Lowry.

Our View

Who deserves praise and criticism this week in Northern Utah?

SW 011618 Blue Line Ladies Foundation 01

This week’s topics: The Blue Line Ladies, the Rube Goldberg Challenge, participants in the Northern Utah Women’s March, the government shutdown and Weber State University President Charles Wight.

Behind Bars

Beyond Bars: First few weeks out of prison have been a 'surreal tornado'

BD 010418 Brian Wood 02

“While in prison, I told myself it’s going to be nice to get a fresh start. A fresh start would be nice, but that’s not quite what I get,” Brian Wood writes this week.” 


Trump needs to be judged by words and actions

Trump Inauguration

The Jan. 17 letter to the editor from Susan Foss of Mountain Green states that we should judge President Trump for his accomplishments and not his words (“Judge Trump by his accomplishments, not his words”). My wife and I take an opposite view. Let us count the ways: 1. He mocks...

Standard Deviations

Davis County GOP party official needs to apologize for Facebook post

BZ 110816 Election Day Voting 05-4

Republicans might want to think about doing a better job of screening the local leadership.

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The trouble with Medicaid work requirements

Medicaid Work Requirement-Kentucky

“Most people on Medicaid don't need to be told to work — because they already do,” writes Steve Chapman.

Our View

A legislative priority: Open, effective and enforceable Utah jail standards

SW 110217 Utah Jail Standards Press Conf 03

Utah lawmakers don’t have much time. No matter what else happens between now and March 22, they need to begin the process of replacing the sheriffs’ secret and ineffective jail standards.

Guest Commentary

Photographers. relax. You can shoot photos of cows right here in Utah

Food and Farm Undercover Videos

“Yes, out here in the gun-totin’, rootin’-tootin’ West, we don’t want our cows to be shot, even if it is with a camera. But our judges and the First Amendment, for the most part, are having none of it,” writes E. Kent Winward.

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